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Recording firm frustrates Munodawafa

The album hangs in the balance amid revelations that the studio is experiencing a technical problem that is seriously affecting some of its operations. Munodawafa said Artisan Studio keeps on postponing his recording dates citing difficulties in mending the technical problem.

“In the midst of recording, a technical fault occurred and the studio promised to deal with the problem with immediate effect. I was supposed to resume recording on September 12, but I received a message from the studio saying they were still trying to resolve the problem, hence I will remain in Masvingo until further notice,” said Munodawafa.

“The album could have been out by now, but I am in the dark as to when I can start recording and all my plans and dreams have been shattered. I was supposed to perform in various crusades lined for this month, hoping that I would market my new album at the shows, but that plan has been derailed.

“I will wait until everything is fine, but if it takes long, I will find an alternative. I solely survive on music and this problem has affected even my social life.”
Artisan Studios boss Allan Dzobo confirmed the technical problem which did not affect only Munodawafa but other artistes that are due to record.
“We have two types of recording — digital and live. Munodawafa goes for the live recording, which is currently not properly functioning, but we are running day and night to solve things,” said Dzobo.

“The problem is that the damaged part can be found in South Africa and it was a problem to secure it in time, but everything will be fine soon.”
Munodawafa was born in 1988 with an eyesight problem and many will remember him as a young boy who mesmerised gospel music fans through his keyboard skills that he displayed when he did the song Shandisa Chipo Chako at live shows. He released his first album Mwari Anoona with the hit song in 1998 at the age of 10.

He went to the United States in 1999 where he spent 14 years before returning to Zimbabwe in 2005. Farai Munashe was released the following year before he disappeared from the music scene. He returned last year with the album Zvinouraya, which received commendable  airplay on local radio stations.

Munodawafa last year made headlines after showcasing his keyboard-playing skills at the Harare Gardens during a gospel show, which was also graced by South African Lundi Tymara and Nigerian Uche Agu Chukwu of the My God is Good fame.

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