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Heroes cut across professions

I had never met him before in my life. I had also never heard him preach. But what I heard about him during his lifetime and at the time he died compelled me to just be with his family. It was a week and some days after his burial. He was an icon in his home area. Somebody we met there who knew me introduced me as tezvara (brother-in-law), to the widow, who is of the same totem as me.

The man who introduced me said about the late Chiweshe: “Pastor, the man who died here was a man of his word. He preached what he practised.”
These words touched me. Here was an ordinary Christian who had observed Evangelist Chiweshe preaching and doing what he preached. The question in my mind was, do I/we as preachers preach what we do or do we just say, do not worry about my deeds; just listen to the word and obey it?
The nation was voluntarily in mourning the week Evangelist Chiweshe died. Messages that came from locals and from across the world were just a clear testimony that here was a great preacher who had helped save many individuals’ lives.

Both the print and electronic media covered the death and burial in detail. I realised that heroes cut across professions.  Chiweshe was a hero par excellence. The mentor of many had gone.

Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) has produced men and women who have been great preachers. Though I am not of the AFM church, I was converted at a crusade in Highfield in the early 70s where another legendary AFM pastor, Evangelist Kupara, preached. I could not resist his message for it was full of grace and conviction. He was another preacher who preached what he practised.

Nowadays I have observed many a preacher who say concentrate on what I say and not what I do. My wealth is none of your business. What you can do is to contribute to my wealth and let me enjoy it on your behalf.

This is a far cry from what our Lord Jesus Christ taught us. We are first and foremost servants who should serve others. Jesus washed his disciples’ feet as a sign of what we should be doing as we attempt to follow him.

Rev Dr Levee Kadenge

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