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Has MDC run out of ideas?

How many degrees did Winston Churchill, Kenneth Kaunda, Roy Wellensky, Jacob Zuma, James Callaghan, Samora Machel, etc have? Why not tell us how you plan to improve our long-dead education system?

Tsveruka, Murambinda.

What has happened to the Dog Section of the ZRP? It looks as if this department is now dysfunctional. Is  the department now considered  irrelevant in investigating culprits involved in serious crimes like house-breaking and theft, stock theft, murder and even in mysterious deaths such as that of  the late army commander, Gen Solomon Mujuru?

We are sick and tired of this woman who appears to live in outer space and must be replaced as Home affairs Co-minister. How on earth can Theresa Makone praise the police force of being disciplined when hundreds of  MDC-T activists are languishing in jail on trumped-up charges?


Girl-children need protection
I am one parent who will heed Grace Mutandwa’s advice; a girl child needs protection not only from mothers but fathers and society at large. My heart bleeds seeing the abuse being perpetrated on those innocent souls by adults, yet we have various organisations masquerading as NGOs profiteering at their expense but doing nothing. To parents;  no matter how busy you are, please put aside a few hours to be with your kids, — remember the foundation is the most important part of any house.

Baba vaLaura, Mabvuku.

We welcome the US$1 million Mbada Diamonds Cup. We all hope it presents us with an exciting brand of football. We cherish your presence!

Lovemore Kashawo, Harare.

May the Kadoma City Council address the water woes which have haunted the city for years. As residents we are living precariously due to the water shortage. Let us not forget the cholera outbreak which claimed many lives a short while  ago.

David Kababa, Kadoma.

How come the mysterious death of Gen Solomon Mujuru still remains a top secret despite assurances by the police that they would release their findings?


The MDC-N is heavy on personalities but light on policy formulation. Emphasis on how educated leaders have to be smacks of elitism. Remember the voter is a hero-worshiper and nothing more.

Gelehrt Wahler, Buhera.


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