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Empowerment a Zanu PF project, says Kasukuwere

In an interview during his recent visit to Mhondoro-Ngezi where he had gone to inform the community of a trust formed to take over US$120 million in Zimplats shares, Kasukuwere said MDC supporters would not benefit because they were against taking companies from their white owners.
“The MDC has refused to embrace indigenisation,” he said.

“They have said they are not interested in taking companies from their white owners, so they won’t benefit from the indigenisation drive.
“So our people, our Zanu PF supporters will benefit and become empowered through this programme.”
Quizzed on why a national programme should be turned into a Zanu PF project, Kasukuwere said the MDCs were not interested in being part of the indigenisation drive.

While answering questions from journalists last Wednesday, Prime Minister Tsvangirai said if Kasukuwere decided to be partisan over indigenisation then there was no need for the MDC-T to support the programme.

“I am surprised. I thought this was a government policy and this government also has other parties,” he said.
“There is sometimes ignorance that it’s no longer a Zanu PF government but a new dispensation.
“I thought it was a genuine programme to uplift the majority of Zimbabweans from poverty.”

MDC-T youth assembly secretary general, Promise Mkwananzi concurred with Tsvangirai saying that the empowerment drive was meant to empower every youth regardless of political affiliation.

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