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Invaders threaten to drive out elephants from conservancy

Already two elephants, including one lactating, have been killed, while some calves have reportedly gone missing.
The invaders and poachers reportedly threaten the lives of wardens at the conservancy, while politicians turn a blind eye to the decimation of the elephant population.

In a statement, Glyn Hunter, a spokesperson for the conservancy, said the invaders were chasing the elephants, snaring them and in some cases had threatened to shoot the animals.

Efforts to get intervention from the government have so far drawn a blank, as Environment minister, Francis Nhema is reported to have said he would do something about the invaders, but is still to act.

“According to local residents, while he acknowledged that the invaders were there illegally, no attempt is being made to relocate them or address the issues on the ground,” Hunter said.

Conservancy owners had asked the minister to help facilitate the relocation of the elephants, but Nhema was adamant that they stay. The land invaders have reportedly been offered alternative land, but they declined the offer, insisting they wanted to stay on the conservancy, despite the fact that the land is not suitable for agriculture.

The plight of the elephants is reminiscent of a case in January this year, where war veterans were reportedly poisoning watering holes at Humani Ranch so they could trap and kill rhinos, then dehorn them.

Due to land invasions, promoted by Zanu PF, only a handful of conservancies remain compared to more than 640 a decade ago.

“It is increasingly critical for the coalition government to pass a law that protects conservancies under the Tourism Act so that conservancy principles are adhered to, for the protection of wildlife and the environment,” said the president of the Commercial Farmers’ Union, Charles Taffs.

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