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WikiLeaks: Ploy to undermine Zim

Whistleblower website, WikiLeaks, has revealed that both the opposition and the ruling party officials have consulted the American ambassadors and expressed anxiety and declining confidence in the leadership of ailing President Robert Mugabe.
The death of Solomon Mujuru and the subsequent infighting exposed by WikiLeaks confirms what is felt by many; Zanu PF is in a shambles and their infighting has reached its historical peak, and could end in a bloodbath. The Zanu PF camp is at a knife edge; as the old have come to realise that their days are numbered while the young are aware that they have been tricked into committing sordid crimes including murdering opponents and looting of state resources.

The great hands of time are closing in on Zanu PF and the writing is on the wall; that is why right now, it is each man for himself, as some scramble for survival and others plot clandestine exit strategies.

Not all  is  well in the opposition camp either, as there has been reports that clusters within the MDC have begun to question weather the Prime Minister has the expertise to lead the country in the future.

In all this, the West and America more prominently, have once again emerged as the omniscient arbitrators; hence the recent resurfacing of America as a player in mapping the future of Zimbabwe. We must not be blind to the guile and the hypocrisy of the West, especially America. They may come with promises of debt cancellations, trade, and funding, yet their true intentions are ultra-capitalist and almost imperialist.
The debt-ridden America is hungry for resources, and is desperately eager to push its foreign policy goals in southern Africa; so controlling Zimbabwe will give them an extra foot-hold in the region.

Soon the political storm in Zimbabwe will settle, and there will be an opportunity to build a new democracy and economy. With the incredible abundance of resources God has given us; we must learn from the Opec states and the emerging economic powers such as India and Brazil. We must resist the pressures of the West, through innovation and self-sufficiency so that we can build a Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans by Zimbabweans.

Methembeni Moyo, Bulawayo.

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