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A new menu at Miller’s

The music was slightly too loud, and the noise of chattering from the dining area seemed to carry through to the bar area. Drinks were offered, and a wine list presented upon request. The wine list has a very extensive selection to choose from. We opted for red and then narrowed down our search to anything other than “Cab Sav”, finally settling for Nederburg Baronne, a wine we have enjoyed thoroughly over the years and had not sampled in a while.

Interestingly, we were at a wine-tasting function a few days after dinner at Miller’s where we learnt that Nederburg Baronne is now the best selling red wine in South Africa! It has overtaken Chateau Libertas. Our waiter arrived promptly with the wine and beautiful wine glasses which can easily hold half a bottle!

We were presented with the food menu, which has been tastefully recreated to accommodate the lunch time US$12 special offer currently available and includes loads of new dishes. We made our selections of starters and main courses, and shortly afterwards were ushered to our table. Tomato soup was the soup of the day, which one of us chose, I chose the smoked salmon, and my husband chose the chicken livers. The smoked salmon was exquisitely presented and delicious, and the tomato soup and chicken livers were equally enjoyed.


Our waiter offered more drinks, recharging the wine glasses at appropriate times, and was very attentive to our needs at all times. The mains arrived after a suitable break. I had chosen the Carpetbagger, a 200g fillet steak topped with mussels in a creamy sauce with a “hint” of chilli, which, given that I am not afraid of “hot”, was actually a lot more than a hint! The steak although cooked to perfection, arrived slightly cold and with possibly too much marinade which overpowered the natural flavour of the steak itself.

I chose to have vegetables in season to accompany my main, rather than a starch, and these were carrots, courgettes and broccoli also cooked just to my liking.

We always find it a little off-putting that vegetables need to be specifically ordered here and are separately billed. The other mains were sirloin steak cooked in cracked pepper, lamb shank, and prawns. There were none other than favourable comments about all the main courses, and extra mushroom and pepper sauces were also enjoyed. The starches offered were chips, mash, baked potato and rice.

Finally, we ordered two desserts, two Frangelico Dom Pedro’s and a filter coffee. The desserts arrived, one being strawberry cheesecake (the waiter forgot to let me know the flavour) and was possibly the smallest slice I had ever met, but as I was pretty close to bursting point I was not too upset, but shocked as the cost was US$8. The other dessert was bread and butter pudding, served in a small ramekin dish. The Dom Pedros were superb, and the filter coffee very satisfactory for those who like it on the strong side.

Miller’s Grill has a simple, neat and tidy look about it, with soft lighting during the evening.

It was rather noisy, due to the resonance that results purely from its large, spacious size, and the fact that there is little by way of fabric furnishings or drapes in its décor to absorb and muffle the noise. Good food and service, but we found the prices a bit on the high side.

Speciality Restaurant
4 Plates
Expect to spend US$35 to US$50 per head

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