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Chiyangwa pens cultural song

Chiyangwa, who founded the Affirmative Action Group (AAG), made headlines last month following revelations that he featured in a new movie, The Gentlemen which also featured prominent South African artist, Presley Chiweneyagae.

And now, the businessman is advocating for the preservation of cultural values and has decided to venture into music and has just written a song, with the help of fellow businessman, Chamu Chiwanza.

The song, entitled Pachinyakare Chedu, was produced by Joseph Madzive and is already playing on radio.

Chiyangwa said Pachinyakare Chedu tries to address the decay in moral and cultural values that has seen the generation of today almost losing their identity.
The song bemoans the cultural erosion of today and also calls for a return to the good old days when people used to live in line with their cultural values.
He said, “I have been doing a lot of things for the music industry.

“I have also brought a lot of foreign artists to Zimbabwe, even from the days of Kanda Bongoman and up to this day, i am still interested in the music business.

“As you know, i have been into the business industry for quite a long time so i have always had an interest in music, or to be precise, the arts industry. Just recently i featured in The Gentlemen and many other projects to do with the arts,” said Chiyangwa.

His partner, Chiwanza, is also one of the major sponsors of The Gentlemen and this month he was quoted as saying that he was working on plans to bring Hollywood actor, Terrence Howard to Zimbabwe.

Chiyangwa said that he was looking forward to writing more songs.

“We want to continue writing more and more of these songs which will seek to educate the public on various social issues,” he said.

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