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Married couples should also be tested for HIV/Aids

While we agreed HIV-testing  should be a prerequisite before marriage, we were unable to agree on what should happen during marriage. I strongly feel that couples in marriage should get tested, not only before they decide to have a baby but periodically. This will serve as a check-measure to prevent both partners from cheating.

I am deeply worried and disappointed because these are the same church folks that are dying of the disease yet at every forum they say: “I know my status; why should I get tested?” There is a lot of cheating among couples making it necessary to have serious check-measures to put a stop to this behaviour. I think everyone should be considered positive until proven negative and that means getting tested.

I have a friend who is HIV-positive and he doesn’t know where he got it from because he says he was always careful and used condoms regularly (in the extra marital-affairs) and his wife says she never strayed out of the home, which means one of them is lying. I don’t think they should place condoms in churches but rather, get everyone tested because it can save a life or two. Like you said; the elephant in the bedroom needs to be addressed and not to be hidden under the bed.

Thank you for your articles every Sunday which I enjoy reading. I am married and we get tested every six months, not because I cheat but I am demonstrating to my wife  that I don’t cheat and can prove it. This has kept us happy and healthy .

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