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Blackbird does a song for Somalia

When Vundla heard about the effects of famine throughout the Horn of Africa she decided to contribute positively through her single which will also be part of her upcoming album titled Black Excellence.

Prayer for Somalia was produced by Tatenda Chideme aka Klasiq of Global Records and on the single Vundla also invited Kenyan-based, Ethopian poetess, Nebila Abdulmelik to add a few lines.

“I hope this song will encourage the public to donate whatever they can towards organisations working in Somalia and assist in giving families food, water and other basics. From US$100, you can contribute to organisations like Horn Relief, which is the organisation we will be raising funds through the project Hustle 4the Horn,” said Vundla.

Vundla said the song was meant to make the average person understand how devastating the famine was in Africa and also to get the attention of Africans in positions of power, especially those in governments, NGOs and the corporate world because they had the power and resources to become more involved in solving the crisis.

“As part of the project I will also be visiting Tongogara refugee camp near Chipinge which houses residents from various African countries like Somalia, DRC, Angola, Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan and Zambia among  others,” said Vundla.

She said by visiting the camp she hoped to popularise the place to others and to better understand the plight of Africans coming from war and famine-torn nations.

Vundla said the Zimbabwean government had done a wonderful job by providing the refugees with a place of safety.

“Together with the United Nations, the government provides food basics for over 4 000 refugees, half of them being under 18 years. Despite these interventions more still needs to be done and I hope to bring awareness to the average Zimbabwean,” she said.
She said over the next two months she would also release two projects, the first being a free mix tape titled Mixtape Memoirs and her second album Black Excellence.

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