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Mazowe evictions insensitive to plight of ordinary citizens

One wonders, do they ever watch world news, or read newspapers?


Do they not see any similarity in their behaviour to that of other despots, now getting their just desserts? Or perhaps, because they have been behaving badly/unethically/ immorally/inhumanely for so long, they cannot see anything wrong in their practices.


Their arrogance is unbelievable.


The reported 62 families to be evicted from one of the numerous plum properties the First Lady acquired for herself— with the able assistance of friend Gideon Gono, albeit under different individual or company names — are just those that have come to light.  How many people have been evicted from her other acquisitions?


We will appreciate more investigative journalism from you guys from The Standard.  Not that any punitive action is likely to be taken over disclosures you are likely to unveil.

Poor, sad Zimbabwe!  The country and the people do not deserve this kind of “leadership”.



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