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Students getting raw deal

This is just but the tip of an iceberg of the uncouth  behaviour of college authorities in Zimbabwe. At Nust late registration was being charged on the Friday of the registration week, meaning returning students had literally four days to pay and register, failure of which one would pay 20% of the registration fee per day. There was also an unjustified fee hike of about 17%. This uncalled for behaviour negatively impacts on the education system.


These funny fees are promoting corruption by the authorities they also cause the degradation and massive degeneration of the education system as only those with deep pockets find their way to colleges no matter how shallow their minds are, yet these institutions where meant for the able-minded.


There is now more space for mediocrity than intellectual prowess in all universities and colleges.


It is disheartening to note that the principals and vice-chancellors are acting and behaving like nursery school administrators and tutors. Their main concern now is how much gets in their pockets and the type of car they would be driving after every six months.


They feast on the poor, just like their masters in government are doing. It is actually worse in the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, surely what would we expect from individuals in the ministry with pathological, physiological and psychological problems of their  own?


—Louis Chihata-

Vice-Organising Secretary. Zinasu Matebeleland

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