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Tsvangirai leadership under spotlight

A meeting of senior European political leaders, which was held in Germany recently deliberated on a wide range of issues on Africa and the role of their political parties in the promotion of political change in Zimbabwe.


The meeting in Frankfurt was also attended by a number of opposition leaders from Zimbabwe and noticeable figures were MDC-T leaders, who left the meeting in a huff.


A number of issues came up when Zimbabwe came under discussion, chief among them being the lack of unity of purpose to remove President Robert Mugabe from political power.

The meeting scrutinised the capacity of both opposition parties in Zimbabwe’s coalition government.


The failed united front against Zanu PF in 2008 was also discussed and the majority of European political powers blamed Tsvangirai for selfishness, greediness, indecisiveness and lack of political strategy to remove Mugabe from power.


The leadership of the other MDC formation led by former University of Zimbabwe lecturer Professor Welshman Ncube also came under scrutiny and resolutions were made for the provision of moral support in its campaigns for democratic transformation in Zimbabwe.


The name of Professor Ncube was wildly discussed at the Frankfurt meeting with a number of European political parties pledging for his party’s future political campaigns.


Foreign governments seem to agree that the Professor Ncube-led MDC formation is the way to go, judging by its composition and activities on the ground.


The Tsvangirai-led MDC  has been lying to the international community about events that led to the 2005 split.


Gugugu Magorira


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