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The Chiwengas in bitter divorce, property wrangle

The companies are namely Zimsafe, C&J, Kazungula, Vitlux and Lighthouse Investments. Jocelyn’s lawyers also asked Chiwenga that he returns a silver 5 series BMW motor vehicle, money he took from the Kazungula account while their adopted minor child reverts to his previous surname.

Jocelyn told The Standard that Chiwenga wanted to take away everything from her. “In his divorce papers, he is claiming he found me with nothing but that’s not true. I founded Zimsafe in 1995, almost four years before I married Chiwenga.

“He found me with my two children and already wealthy. “I married him for love but instead he married me for my money. Now he is claiming Zimsafe is his company in the divorce papers. Nobody is going to take away anything I have worked for.

“I have made it in life out of hard work. I never cheated on him. “sometimes we marry these men not knowing what they are. “If he thinks he is a clever cookie then he has met his match,” she said.

A letter written on April 7 2011 by Jocelyn’s lawyers Gill, Godlonton and Gerrans to Chiwenga’s lawyers Scanlen and Holderness also demanded that Chiwenga desists from threatening Jocelyn.

“Our client understands that your client has formed relationships with other women and that there is no prospect of reconciliation in this matter. In the circumstances therefore, she is prepared to agree to divorce proceeding being concluded and that: Your client immediately desists from making any threats towards our client or any persons with whom she is associated and that he undertakes to take no steps to undermine or interfere with our client’s business interests.”

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