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ZUJ dumps Kereke over arrests

The two, who are facing criminal defamation charges and a charge of stealing documents from GreenCard offices, were released on US$100 bail each.
ZUJ president Dumisani Sibanda said it was no longer going to be associated with Kereke in future, who used to sponsor journalistic awards.

Sibanda said ZUJ was not going to be blinded from condemning Kereke’s action that threatens press freedom and the right by the media to free expression.

“As ZUJ, we subscribe totally to the higher values of a free media and we will not hesitate to defend the media’s unfettered freedom to expose the ills of society. We therefore, declare that in future we will not deal with Dr Kereke in programmes that seek to enhance journalistic standards because his actions put him in direct confrontation with the cherished ideals of a free media. The ideas of a free press cannot be subordinated to personal interests.”

Sibanda said if Kereke felt aggrieved, he should have channelled his grievances to the Voluntary Media Council (VMCZ) for redress rather than resort to draconian action.


“The arrest has resulted in the journalists being treated as common criminals. Cells were not built for journalists pursuing their professional duty of reporting without fear or favour, but for murderers and other undesirable elements of society. It should be made clear that sponsorship that seeks to hold the media at ransom will be rejected and exposed for what it is.”

Sibanda called on Kereke to withdraw the charges against Madanhire and Matshazi and approach VMCZ for redress. “Criminalisation of journalism kills investigative reporting, which is key in combating corruption and promoting institutions that foster democracy,” Sibanda said.

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