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Venah Sithole has the ‘Fingers of art’ Taking visual art

She is a versatile taxidermy artist whose works revolve around objects that do not only catch the eye but also strive to give meaning to varying themes.
Sithole practices several forms of art, such as moulding and casting, construction, painting, sculpturing, ceramics, papier mache, installation and drawing.

Her skills are deeply rooted in her belief that art is a form of expression and an inborn feeling that certainly has to be sharpened consistently.
She opened her exhibition titled, Fingers of Art, at the Museum of Human Sciences last Tuesday, which runs until today.

In an interview with StandardLife&Style on the sidelines of the exhibition, she said, “Fingers of Art, is a title that was inspired by my belief that, wherever there are fingers, there is art”.

“For the past 24 years that I have been practising art, I have come to believe that my fingers have played a pivotal role into developing both the person and artist I am now.

“Above all, I earn a living through art and this is so because of my fingers and this exhibition is all about expressing the importance of art,” said Sithole.
Growing up in Bikita, in an environment that did not really support art, Sithole says she had to fight against beliefs and norms so as to nurture herself into the artist she is now.

Sithole practices taxidermy with elements of installation, construction, moulding and casting. Most of her works are based on narration of different story lines concerning the world.

“This is a fusion of different types of art that has got several expressions, hence depicting reality. Most art is meant to convey a message and a true representation of the venom of cleverness.

“I always seek to make a particular expression through any of my works and this idea revolves around my creativity and the need to derive meaning through my art,” she said.

Complementary to the fact that Sithole is an artist in her own class, is her ability to merge several forms of art to bring about one form of art that is unique and distinguished from works of other artists.

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