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Letters Dec 18

It beats me why anyone in their right mind would want to reintroduce the Zimbabwe dollar, may its soul rest in eternal peace, at this stage when the economy was just beginning to show signs of recovery, other than for the reason of wanting to pilfer state resources.

While the Government of National Unity (GNU) has its failings, and Zanu PF would like to dismiss its tenure as a celebrated failure, it is clearly evident that the GNU has managed, in its short life-span, to do what Zanu PF failed to accomplish in the last 10 years it was in power — and that is to grow the economy.

Without even batting an eye, Gono was quick to conclude that the idea by his paymasters was from the top of the drawer and would do wonders. Is Gono not the same man, who only yesterday, presided over the world’s greatest inflation rate, and whose hands are still dripping with the blood of scores of people who died in bank and hospital queues because they could not access their hard earned cash? Gono has clearly failed as a central bank governor and the reason he is still at 101 Samora Machel Avenue is because of Zanu PF’s refusal to listen to voices of reason.

Therefore, this man cannot be trusted as a sound state economic advisor, and he should stop passing off himself as a successful technocrat. While it is his role to advise the nation on economic matters, and whereas clearly no central bank or nation takes pride in using another’s currency, it would be premature and retrogressive for Zimbabwe to bring back the Zimbabwe dollar now because the economy is not, by any stretch of the imagination, ready for such an eventuality.

It is common knowledge that ever since the advent of the multiple currency regime in 2009, Gono has been redundant and his comments are a hopeless attempt by a lame-duck governor who is yearning for another opportunity to once again abuse national resources.

If Gono has nothing meaningful to do with his time, he should just shut up rather than come out in open support of ill-considered Zanu PF policies.
Instead, he should be thinking of how he will settle the  numerous debts he owes creditors, including former RBZ workers.

Justin Tamisai Makombe, Harare.

Zanu PF must walk the talk on violence


There has been deafening noises from Zanu PF chefs condemning political violence. First, it was President Robert Mugabe himself then came the vice-president and party’s Jomic representative Oppah Muchinguri, but there has been no complimentary action to deal with known perpetrators of violence.

For instance, as President Mugabe was condemning violence during the opening of Parliament, the Chipangano terror gangs were causing mayhem against perceived Zanu PF opponents and no arrests have been made to date.

In fact, the terrorist gang went on to cause more terror at the Glen View market stalls, harassing touts at the bus terminus next to Harare Central Police Station and causing the cancellation of an MDC-T rally at Chibuku stadium in Chitungwiza, yet still no arrests were made.

Soldiers, responsible for much of the violence during the 2008 presidential run-off, are still roaming the countryside threatening, intimidating and harassing villagers at will.

If the commander-in-chief of the ZDF, President Mugabe, is serious about ending political violence, he should order army commander, Constantine Chiwenga and police commissioner-general, Augustine Chihuri to withdraw their agents of terror back into the barracks.

If Zanu PF was serious about ending violence, the parties to the GPA would have agreed on all the outstanding matters, be it security sector reforms and the deployment of the Sadc officials to reinforce Jomic and international monitoring of the next elections.

If Zanu PF has nothing to hide, why is it resisting measures to curb violence and level the  electoral playing field? Mugabe, Mujuru and Muchinguri may have seen the changing signs of the times where the region and international community may not accept another sham election.

They must  rein in their stooges and boot-lickers if the people, the region and the international community are to take them seriously.

Emmaculate Makamanzi, Nyanyadzi

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