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Let’s shun the evils of the past in 2012

Corruption is endemic in the country and poses a major threat to the fabric of our society. It is against natural justice to steal, bribe, accept kickbacks or unjustly enrich oneself.

Let’s all examine our conscience to satisfy ourself that we are not part of the problem but are helping find solutions. Adulation and flattery of leaders must be eradicated. Let’s not compete to be a nation of praise singers and bootlickers. Let’s learn to hold our leaders accountable for their hare-brained schemes.

Let’s have the courage to question wrong decisions without the fear of being labelled imperialist agents or political prostitutes. Obedience does not mean that we must blindly follow any political leader simply because we share the same political ideology.

Leaders must not deceive us in writing or speech. Let’s detest name-calling and derogatory diatribe against others even if we consider them to be  our political enemies. Leaders must have the virtue of simplicity to accept calumniation and criticism with humility.It’s our duty as citizens to pillory our leaders when they become a national embarrassment.

As a Christian nation, let’s pray for humility in thought, word and actions. We must shun greed, cruelty, immorality and envy, the evils that  have blighted our society.

Enock Kwinika,Beitbridge.

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