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State media being used against private press

The claim that editors of these newspapers have been paid to sanitise PM’s marriage scandal is a clear attempt by whoever is behind these stories  to try and divert attention from critical issues affecting us,  and instead focus on trivial matters that hardly contribute to national development.

I think the professors and doctors of propaganda have realised that there is no other way they can reach the electorate and have decided, instead, to wage war against the private press. We have seen journalists being harassed and imprisoned so that they support Zanu PF, despite its failure to accord them a free operating environment.

What the nation must know is that the state-controlled media; the Zimpapers stable and the ZBC, deliberately pervert the truth to appease politicians, who seek to destroy other people’s careers. The so-called analysts should not abuse viewers by pretending to be apolitical when they are clearly partisan.
To make matters worse, by being one-sided in their presentation of the news, the state media is creating a void that will be difficult to mend, considering that there are generations being denied access to information on pertinent issues affecting them.

Zanu PF must not be so desperate to the extent of generating falsehoods which they cannot substantiate and journalists must be careful to avoid being used to create unnecessary tension in their ranks.

So, can we also say the editors of the state-controlled press are paid well to flight jingles and to write news that sounds like praise poetry?

My advice to those pointing fingers at editors of privately- owned media is that they should also challenge Zanu PF to stop peddling falsehoods and shift focus to bread and butter issues.

Politicians, for their part, should remove the yoke on state-controlled media and stop meddling in its operations.

Chirimo Senior, Zengeza.

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