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Trusting Mugabe, Tsvangirai’s undoing

It is saddening to note that Morgan Tsvangirai cannot appreciate that the existing environment favours Zanu PF. The little education the  Prime Minister has is now proving to be a disadvantage to him and  the people of Zimbabwe.

It was foolish for Tsvangirai to appear in the local media talking about early elections only because rural district administrators have been  shunning him and Zanu PF ministers are not respecting him.

It does not need one to have five ordinary level subjects to read the situation. Tsvangirai does not seem to appreciate that he is under siege  internally and rebels in his own party are actually advocating for “bhora mudondo” (ball into the bush) in the next elections.

The man forgets that he is not the only opposition leader in the  country and is under very serious threat from the Prof Welshman Ncube-led MDC that has turned on the heat since the ouster of Arthur Mutambara.

It is now certain that Mutambara is on his way out and is looking for a face-saving exit to leave government.

They wanted the courts to resolve the issue of Arthur Mutambara and now court dates have been set and they want the GNU’s life to end.
The truth here is that Mugabe and Tsvangirai fear Prof Welshman Ncube and they want Zuma to blow the final whistle before the full implementation of the Global Political Agreement.

I am urging Prof Ncube to keep up the pressure and good work for Zimbabweans since a new Zimbabwe is beckoning. Both MDC-T and Zanu PF parties are very violent parties that should not be trusted to handle the future of Zimbabwe.

As Zimbabweans, we are demanding a conducive environment before the next elections, chief among them a democratic constitution to take the  country forward,  not the one doctored by Morgan Tsvangirai to accommodate gay rights.

The people of Zimbabwe no longer trust President Mugabe or Tsvangirai because they both seem to be pursuing selfish agendas.

Gugugu Magorira, Germany.

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