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We meet govt safety requirements: sino-zim

Responding to a recent article in The Standard where some workers complained of poor safety standards,  acting managing director, Dereck  Moyo said in a statement his company gives its employees protective clothing and provides a safe working environment.

Moyo said the company operated a clinic at the plant to ensure that employees have access to medical facilities all the time, while the safety and health of environment officer’s major role was to make certain that standards were not compromised.

“The company also has an occupational medical practitioner who does regular visits and conducts medical tests and checks on all employees. This is done to prevent and treat any illness,” he said.

He said Sino-Zimbabwe Cement is the only cement company in the country in which the Chinese hold a stake.

Moyo said the publication of the article portrayed the company as an irresponsible employer.

“We support freedom of the press, but that freedom should come with responsible reporting,” he wrote.— BY OUR STAFF

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