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Empowerment law, a Zanu PF patronage tool

The indigenisation hullaballoo is just a vote-buying gimmick and a hollow strategy meant to resuscitate Zanu PF’s waning political fortunes.

After realising that the land reform and the sanctions rhetoric have been exhausted and have become self-defeating, President Robert Mugabe and his cronies are now targeting foreign-owned firms in a bid to enrich themselves and to hoodwink Zimbabweans and the international community that they are fighting for the people’s rights.

The indigenisation policy is not only elitist by nature but also lacks a national outlook in many respects.
The policy will only benefit Mugabe and his loyalists as it seeks to entrench patronage and bootlicking of Mugabe by top Zanu PF  chefs while riding on the backs of the suffering majority of the people of Zimbabwe.

Mugabe is masquerading as a “Black Moses” and the indigenisation policy is his looting tool. The pitfalls of the policy are entrenched within the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act which requires white foreign-owned firms to transfer 51% of their ownership to black Zimbabweans.

Zimbabwe has witnessed reverse racism disguised as black economic empowerment. Mugabe’s clear hatred of the whites is reflected in the indigenisation policy. Why are the Chinese exempted from the cruelty of this nefarious policy?

The Chinese are now the new imperialists in Zimbabwe who are ill-treating Zimbabwean workers and paying them miserable wages while all the profits they get are being smuggled out of the country with the majority Zimbabweans not benefiting anything.

The policy is a desperate bid by Mugabe to punish the West for imposing so-called “illegal sanctions” on Zimbabwe. What is interesting about the indigenisation scam is that most Zimbabweans are fully aware that the policy is partisan, elitist and segregative by nature.

The policy will not benefit the youth in the ghettos and rural societies. It represents the Hobbessian state of nature which is characterised by “a war of all against all”.

To sum it up, the indigenisation policy is irrational, hawkish, frivolous, vexatious and fallacious — in short,  what a fiasco it is!

Trymore Mazhambe, Mutare.

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