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Matibenga versus workers

Matibenga’s handling of the strike has come under scrutiny with civil servants who fall under her portfolio openly criticising the manner she dealt with their demands.

Some of her critics are now questioning her capability to lead the ministry, but her party, MDC-T, is standing behind her, blaming political opponents for allegedly hijacking the industrial action by civil servants.

Apex Council chairperson Tendai Chikowore said representatives of civil servants were not happy with themanner they were being treated by Matibenga, particularly when  she  failed to turn up for a meeting meant to give them feedback recently.

“We have told her (Matibenga) that our criticism of government’s failure to address our concerns is not a direct attack on her,” she said.
“Our relationship with her has however not improved but our position is that civil servants speak to government through her. A failure on her part means the whole government would have failed.”


‘No more pampering for Minister’ — Majongwe


Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) secretary-general Raymond Majongwe said civil servants were not going to “pamper” Matibenga with unnecessary accolades as she has to prove that she was a capable leader.

“We view any person in government as a stumbling block,” he said.

“Why does Matibenga and MDC-T want immunity from criticism yet they are in government?

We have been mercilessly attacking President Mugabe and Zanu PF for all these years and MDC-T will not be an exception.”
Recently, Matibenga reportedly called Majongwe a “chicken” that lacks the guts to confront her over workers’ grievances.

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