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Revamp tourism industry

All these qualities appear to have just vanished. The training institutions for the tourism and hospitality sector no longer take their training seriously despite the fact that the industry demands thoroughness in everything.

Most tourism and hospitality organisations no longer value the satisfaction of their guests as was the case in the past. Guests are no longer taken as important stakeholders in the industry. Complaints against hospitality providers are increasing daily but no one seems to care whether  these are addressed or not. This will tarnish the image of our industry, that of the minister concerned, Walter Mzembi, and the country as a whole.

The players in the hospitality sector themselves should have the drive to save the industry rather than relying on the efforts by politicians to ensure the survival of the industry. There should be an efficient recruitment system  to ensure that only the most qualified are employed in this fragile industry.

It is also necessary that continuous training  and retraining programes are introduced to make sure that a service culture is instilled in the service personnel. Travellers like Zimbabwe as a country but they get disappointed by the way they are treated when they arrive in the country.

John Zvinairo, Harare.

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