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Zanu PF politicians should emulate Khupe’s example

Khupe became the first senior politician in Zimbabwe’s history to come out in the open and declare that she was suffering from cancer.
Since Zimbabwe attained her independence 32 years ago, no known senior Zanu PF leader has come out in the open and declared his or her own ill health.

Even in death the causes for senior Zanu PF officials and ministers are disclosed only as short or long illnesses.  It is only in cases of those who die in mysterious circumstances like Rtd General Solomon Mujuru that Zanu PF reveals the cause of death.

Going by the precedent set  by Khupe, Zanu PF officials should bite the bullet and reveal their state of health.

It was shocking to read that some politicians ran for cover at the Zanu PF annual congress held in Bulawayo in December last year when they were requested to undergo tests for HIV.

People look up to their leaders to set a good example  and it would have been very helpful for those at the Bulawayo conference to openly submit to HIV tests.

Well done Mai Khupe for showing the way forward to the other politicians, especially those in Zanu PF who continue to resist change.
The people of Zimbabwe salute Khupe for this act of bravery among cowards.

Edna Musarurwa, Masvingo.

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