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Tsvangirai defies Mugabe on Chihuri appointment

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka yesterday said the principals are meeting tomorrow to clear the confusion surrounding Chihuri’s term of office.
“The position regarding Chihuri’s term of office will be much clearer after Monday’s meeting,” said Tamborinyoka.

This comes after Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba claimed that Chihuri had been re-appointed as Police Commissioner General till 2014, in what is increasingly becoming a conflict that is likely to rock the inclusive government.

“Charamba is not a principal,” Tsvangirai said on Saturday. “He is not a spokesman for the government.”

Asked if he felt betrayed that Mugabe had gone behind his back and re-appointed Chihuri, Tsvangirai said he did not feel cheated because as far as he was concerned the police boss was only there on an acting basis.

“Nothing has changed,” he continued. “We stand by the meeting we had (on Wednesday), where the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet was present.”

Tsvangirai affirmed that he stood by what he said after a meeting with Mugabe and deputy premier, Arthur Mutambara. He said there were no new developments and what Charamba had told the press was far from the truth.



Chihuri’s term as police commissioner expired at the end of last month and controversy reigns over his reappointment.
Tsvangirai’s MDC-T party maintains that Chihuri’s term may not be extended without Mugabe consulting them. But Charamba argues that it is Mugabe’s prerogative to re-appoint him.

He could not be reached for comment yesterday.
“I am committed to see sustainable peace. Mugabe has made a commitment to seek peace,” Tsvangirai said. “What we lack is sincerity.”


‘Mugabe, Tsvangirai chosen by God’


Meanwhile, Tsvangirai told a prayer meeting in Harare yesterday that he and Mugabe had been chosen by God and the people of Zimbabwe should pray for them to lead the country.

“I have been chosen by God, so has Mugabe,” Tsvangirai told thousands of people at the Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex yesterday. “Whether you like us or not, you have to pray for us, for vision, foresight and wisdom to lead the country.”

Tsvangirai said his life bore testimony to the wonders that God can work in one’s life. “If God wasn’t with me I would be dead,” he said. “I have walked in the shadow of death, but here I am, thanks to God’s grace.”

The premier said he felt blessed that he had been chosen among multitudes of Zimbabweans to take the position of prime minister. Tsvangirai, who described violence as “stupidity”, said he and Mugabe had entered a covenant that they would preach peace so the country could experience economic and social development.

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