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Zanu PF violence stymies GPA

We remain worried as to where our country is heading to because at a time when everyone else thought the culture of intolerance and violence was on the way out, damaging reports continue to filter in.

We got reports of the murder of our member Shepherd Bandau, who was an MDC branch treasurer for Jo’burg Lines in Mbare, Harare. He was murdered on Friday by known Zanu PF youths operating under the notorious and destructive Chipangano group.

As we speak, Zanu PF is invading commuter bus ranks in all towns imposing rank marshals who are assigned to collect money on behalf of Zanu PF’s terror groups such as Chipangano and Top 6 in Harare and Chinhoyi respectively. This money is used to fund violence and corruption.

Zanu PF is denying farming inputs, including maize seed from a government institution, GMB, all people who are perceived to be MDC supporters in clear violation of the GPA.

The formation of the inclusive government, in essence, was a noble foundation for a new political dispensation. Literally, this process has failed to move forward because of Zanu PF’s thuggery and crooked tendencies towards the full implementation and adherence to the provisions of the GPA and all indicators are pointing to a more threatening environment as election-talk gathers momentum in the country.

The continued distrust shown by Zanu PF in the GNU is a blow to all those who dedicated their time and resources towards advancing the cause of justice and democracy in Zimbabwe.

Violence by its very nature does not pay and will never win anyone power.

After 32 years in power Zimbabweans need new leadership [not that of Zanu PF]. Zimbabwe needs a free society where political diversity works to strengthen and push those in positions of power to deliver. We demand that the three principals deliver on their promise to restore justice and democracy in Zimbabwe.

Clifford Hlatywayo, MDCYA Spokesperson

Quibusd antiunt, Ferrente

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