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Zanu PF youth leader accuses chefs of corruption

Zanu PF Manicaland’s provincial chairman for youth, Peter Mukodza told a stunned Mugabe during his recent 88th birthday celebrations in Sakubva that the party was being weakened by corrupt chefs and government officials.


“Our party leaders are corrupt to the core,” he said. “They are involved in the massive looting of resources all over the country. This is at the expense of the people.”

Mukodza said corruption and looting of resources was making it difficult for Zanu PF to regain the respect of people who voted against the party in 2008.

He said youths were being sidelined from the corrupt deals by the big chefs who continue to amass wealth while the majorities continue to suffer under difficult economic conditions

“Youths have no decent accommodation,” said Mukodza. “They are disgruntled because they cannot access bank loans or afford to pay for their education as chefs are looting everything.”

But the party’s national youth chairman, Absalom Sikhosana tried to downplay the concerns raised by the youths.

He said it was the wrong platform to raise issues of corruption by party big wigs.

Mugabe said some of the concerns raised by the youths would be addressed in a new national youth policy which would give priority to the empowerment of the younger generation.

Although Mukodza did not disclose the corrupt deals, top Zanu PF officials have been fingered in the looting of diamonds, gold, land and farming inputs, among many other things.

Some corrupt chefs face jail

The Anti-Corruption Commission, which for a long time was perceived to be toothless, recently started arresting people accused of corruption.
However, influential politicians,among them cabinet ministers who are suspected of involvement in massive acts of corruption, theft and fraud have remained untouched and analysts believe the commission was only targeting the small fish.

The ACCZ has so far arrested three legislators who are facing charges of defrauding the constituency development fund.

These are Marvelous Khumalo of St Mary’s (MDC-T), Albert Mhlanga of Pumula (MDC-T) and Franco Ndambakuwa of Magunje (Zanu PF).

Others arrested include Chitungwiza Town Council clerk and housing director, Godfrey Tanyanyiwa and Jemina Gumbo respectively; former Zifa chief executive officer Henrietta Rushwaya and a prosecutor, Moffat Makuvatsine.

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