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CBZ Bank prides itself in a number of attributes which include among others:
Strong and visible brand
Customer centricity
Significant market share
Synergistic relationships within the CBZ group entities
Innovative and motivated staff
International partnerships
Diversified operations-providing a one stop shop to the client.
Social responsibility
E-banking/ card services
Falling under the retail banking division, the e-banking centre serves both corporate and personal clients.

To complement the basic retail banking products, customers can access card services and electronic banking which remove the restriction of banking hours.

Card-based transactions are available on an account debit and/credit basis whilst the bank’s innovative electronic banking facilities avail facilities ranging from Visa Gold, ATM, Point of Sale, and transacting through internet banking.

CBZ Bank boasts of 35 ATMs and 588 point of sale machines spread across the whole nation for the convenience of customers.
The CBZ Bank debit card allows the client to have access to all the facilities aforementioned and its other benefits are as follows:

Safe and secure
Easy access to cash on ATMs
Payments through Zimswitch POS machines
No change hassles
Cash back facilities
The CBZ Visa card is convenient for international travellers by offering security of travelling without cash or travellers cheques. It can be used locally and throughout the world at ATM and point of sale facilities displaying the Visa sign. If lost or stolen, the card can be blocked upon reporting to Card Centre.

The benefits of the Visa are as follows:
Safe and secure
Online payments
ATM cash withdrawals
Car rental bookings
Hotel bookings
Instant payments – no clearing period
No loose change nightmares in our local shops
Instant balance top up
CBZ Bank’s electronic banking division has continued to grow over the years as the institution seeks to provide financial services to personal and corporate clients.
The internet banking facility is one of the services that have led to this growth. Internet banking gives secure and unlimited access to the account holder, enabling them to carry out transactions via the internet from anywhere in the world.

The benefits of internet banking are as follows:
It offers Inter-Bank Transfers (RTGS)
Real-Time-Online Processing.
Pay bills online to registered merchants and service providers.
Transfer funds between your accounts.
The convenience of 24-hour access to your accounts and banking facilities.
Speedy transacting and prompt service.
Efficient administration of your funds including multiple account management.
The inbuilt security features safeguard your funds and business with us.
The ability to transact from anywhere, including transaction approval from another country, should you wish.
Clients can use account statements to keep up-to-date with their finances and for easy reconciliation of banking transactions.
The convenience of 24-hour access to your accounts and banking facilities.

We also have SMS banking within our e – banking department with the following advantages:
Econet air time top – up
Balance enquiry.
You do not need to visit the bank each time you need a balance. Anytime, anywhere, using an Econet Line, you can access your balance. Registration is done through our branches country wide. You need a password to access the account.

Most recent product
CBZ Bank launched the exciting CBZ Mobile Banking platform in 2011 that enables clients to send and receive money across networks and make purchases at selected stores nationwide using their mobile phone. Innovative features are being developed which will be added on the existing features.

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