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Film star Wishes to be talk show host

Their release will come just a year after the debut of the movie Think which made headlines early last year.

In an interview, Ziwange said she has dedicated most of her time to films.

“Since the release of Think we have been working on its sequel (Think: The Dilemma) and I am happy that the work is almost done,” said Ziwange.
“The idea of having two movies in one year is to quench the thirst for local movies on a market that has been flooded by Nigerian films that most people cannot relate to,” she said.

The actress said the sequel to Think has diverted from the focus of the previous film that was dominated by issues related to HIV and Aids.

“Think: The Dilemma is a different movie altogether. It has so much sex on set and revolves around infidelity.

“I play a cheated married woman who cheats her husband with his younger brother,” said Ziwange.

She said her brother-in-law on set also has an affair with her younger sister in the film, their maid and a girl who works in his brother’s office.

The love network turns nasty when Chenge, her husband catches her in bed with his brother.

“He pushes me and I hit my head on a hard surface and die instantly. Without realising it, he puts me in bed but later tries to conceal the whole issue,” said Ziwange.

In Love Like His Ziwange plays Theresa, a maid who falls in love with Charles; a rich guy who comes across as poor, all in search of true love.
Ziwange who has featured in another local film The Sores of Emmanuel says her ultimate dream is to become a talk show host.


Actress wishes to be talk show host


“It is what has been lacking on our local TV for far too long. There are lots of mysteries that need to be demystified about the celebrities of our society.

“The best way to solve such mysteries is to bring the same celebrities to the people so that they can ask questions about issues they do not understand.”

She said as soon as she is done with the two productions she has been working on, she will then concentrate on the talk show project.

“I have done most of the research and the team is there already and what is left is to get sponsors on board so that we start work on the production.”

“Obviously this is going to be an uphill task but I am confident it will work out.”

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