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PM urges Zimbabweans to shun violence

“Lessons to be learnt are that in everything there is God’s plan and that we have a choice in life about everything we do,” said Tsvangirai.
“Gathering here exhibits team spirit from all political parties and if you choose to kill someone that is your plan. Zanu PF and MDC-T will not be there for you, you will stand (trial) alone.”


The prayer meeting was attended by representatives of the three parties in the coalition government.

Tsvangirai urged party supporters to refuse to take orders from top party officials who send them to perpetrate violence on innocent citizens.
The peace meeting comes at a time when the MDC-T alleges a Zanu PF plot to use violence against rival parties in the upcoming elections, which the former ruling party insists must be held this year.

Zanu PF wants the elections to be held under the old Constitution which analysts say favours President Robert Mugabe, who has been ruling the country for the past three decades.

Addressing party supporters at Honde Mission in Manicaland province recently, MP for Mutasa Central Trevor Saruwaka urged the Southern Africa Development Community (Sadc) to take note of the increasing human rights violations by Zanu PF as the party pushes for elections.

“We are saying that Sadc must take note of the increasing violence. We are urging Sadc to put an end to these abuses,” he said.

“It is not a secret that Zanu PF is pressing for elections so that it will unleash election violence and intimidation.”

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, who could not be reached for comment last week, has on several occasions denied that the former ruling party was the instigator of violence during elections blaming in on rivals.

The MDC-T has on several occasions accused Zanu PF of political violence and intimidation against its supporters, especially towards or during elections. In some parts of the country, Zanu PF youth militia and war veterans, who spearheaded the violence in 2008, still has “bases” where rivals are tortured for supporting a different party.

The MDC-T has said at least 200 of its supporters were killed by state security agents and Zanu PF youth militia during the 2008 violent elections.


A sanctions mismatch at peace meeting


Zanu PF secretary for administration for Manicaland, Kenneth Saruchena also denounced political violence but went on to preach about his party’s rhetoric on sanctions and indigenisation.

“Those who called for sanctions should lobby for their removal,” said Saruchera. “And churches should pray for indigenisation to be accepted by Zimbabweans.”

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