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Senegal poll lessons for Zim

However, this was not to be for the people of Senegal because, soon after coming into office, Wade turned his back on the principles of democracy and embraced the characteristics of a  dictator, changing the country’s constitution so that he could run as president for the third time.

This is exactly what has happened in Zimbabwe in the past. In 1980, Zimbabweans went wild with joy when Zanu PF came into power with Robert Mugabe as the leader of the country, ending decades of white settler domination.  Hope for democracy, better education, better health and jobs became the rallying point of the moment.

However, like other dictatorships, soon after tasting power, Mugabe and Zanu PF turned their backs on the people who were supposed to be the main beneficiaries of the liberation war. Serious corruption in the Zanu PF government set in. Thousands of people were murdered, jailed or displaced simply for opposing this despotic regime.

For the MDC, the lesson is clear:  that, like in Senegal, after the first presidential election failed to produce a clear winner, the opposition forces joined hands  to plot the defeat of a dictator. Every member of the opposition came out in full support of their chosen presidential candidate who romped to victory at the weekend.

It is an inspiration for the people of Zimbabwe that, with one vision, our fight for true democracy and the ideals that our freedom fighters went to war for can be achieved.

We should not waste any more time forming new political parties in the hope of defeating a corrupt and undemocratic Zanu PF. It is no secret that Zanu PF politicians are now panicking after watching the events in Senegal over the past two weeks.  They know that their days as an oppressive regime are over.

It is therefore critical for the people of Zimbabwe to emulate what has happened in Senegal and let us do away with our own dictators.  Like other African countries, we want peace, jobs, better health and education.

This can only be achieved if we do away with the thieving  Zanu PF autocracy whose politicians are busy stealing our natural resources in the name of indigenisation, which only benefits them and their cronies.

Let us join forces and emulate Senegal for the sake of the country.

Trymore Mazhambe, Mutare.

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