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Death predictions unbecoming

As Zimbabweans, are we  so gullible that we think a man, another mortal human being like everyone else, has the Godly power to foretell the death of someone else?
And in any case, everyone knows deep inside themselves that, whether they like it or not, death is inevitable. The older and sicker one becomes, the more likely they are liable to expire — it is just a matter of time. That is the natural order of things.

It needs no prophet to say that an old person, especially one afflicted by illness, will inevitably die.  President Robert Mugabe himself knows that each day that passes by brings him closer to his maker.

Granted, being a Christian is all about religious faith, and faith is belief in God. All over the world, people have established all kinds of churches, each one promising adherents the utopia of the Kingdom of Heaven.

People like TB Joshua, Makandiwa, and many others who deliver powerful sermons that leave their congregations spell-bound tell their followers that it is not God’s wish that they should suffer on earth — and that God’s promise is that they should prosper and achieve all their earthly dreams.  This is the kind of message that will resonate with anyone seeking salvation from poverty and destitution.

Although this is not necessarily a bad thing in a world where evil is a lucrative  trade pursued by many, no one should behave as if they have a special mandate from God to save the world — each person must strive  to relate and worship their creator in a personal way that does not create fear, alarm and despondency among others.

Agnostic, Harare.

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