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Windmill: Regional leaders in stockfeeds

We have a long history of excellence in the country and beyond. The division is run by dedicated and experienced staff in production, distribution and technical support of stockfeeds, veterinary products, vitamin concentrates and premixes, as well as other speciality ingredients in the livestock industry.


With our manufacturing facilities in Harare and a wide distribution network in Zimbabwe, we ensure a continuous supply of inputs for healthy poultry, pigs and cattle, thereby contributing to the growing demand of safe, abundant and affordable meat, milk and eggs.

Our team and resources ensure that we deliver to the highest standards of safety, quality, efficacy and traceability. With Windmill you experience the best sales deals and excellent technical support to assure you complete peace of mind.

Windmill is the largest  100% privately-owned fertiliser producer in southern Africa outside South Africa exporting its products mainly to Zambia and Malawi, and a certain amount to Mozambique with long-term plans to pursue opportunities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Angola.

Its headquarters are at Westgate on the north-western boundary of Harare. Assets include two fertiliser manufacturing plants, bulk handling and bagging facilities and a crop chemical formulation plant as well as an animal health stockfeed plant, all in or close to Harare.

All sites are serviced by rail with a private branch line linking the St Marnock’s site with the National Railways of Zimbabwe network.  The company manufactures and distributes granular and blended fertilisers and a wide range of straight materials using domestically sourced nitrogen and phosphates, and imported raw materials, principally potassium chloride and potassium sulphate.

Windmill imports and markets crop chemicals supplied by a number of the world’s leading principal companies.  An in-house foliar feed plant produces our range of Nutrifols of which we are very proud.  Additional product is sourced through domestic and international trading, enabling Windmill to supply a comprehensive package of fertiliser and crop chemical products to its customers.

For more than 20 years Windmill has also been an established stockfeed manufacturer and sells beef concentrates as well as phosphate licks for supplementary feeding of cattle in winter and summer.  We are also a retailer of animal health drugs and accessories.  Our product is renowned, tried and tested.

Windmill’s product portfolio is marketed domestically by a dynamic countrywide marketing team while export business is handled by its external shareholder, Norsk Hydro. Over the years, Windmill’s products have been marketed in virtually all neighbouring countries.

Windmill’s high standing as a reliable and competitive supplier of top-quality chemical products owes much to the fact that the company has Zimbabwe as its home market. In addition to being among the most intensive users of fertilisers and crop chemicals in the developing world today, Zimbabwean farmers are renowned for their discerning and innovative attitude towards fertilizer and crop chemical usage, with the emphasis being on service, cost and efficiency as well as safety.

With such knowledgeable and critical customers, and intense competition in the market place, Windmill has had to be continually alert to changing agricultural practices in terms of technology, marketing and packaging, in order to maintain its place in the market.

Operating in such an environment has enabled Windmill to amass  a wealth of agronomic, technical and marketing knowledge in the agricultural field that are invaluable to its customers.

Both Zimbabwean and regional customers have reaped the benefit of the company’s accumulated expertise.

Crop Chemicals

Windmill is among the top sellers of agrochemicals in Zimbabwe. All suppliers Windmill gets products from have been visited by the government registration officer for inspection of formulating plants and for quality control. All chemicals are tested for their efficacy by the Research and Development unit in Windmill before they are registered. The R and D division boasts of well qualified scientist personnel.

Windmill is a distributor of products from well-known suppliers like Syngenta, Bayer, and BASF. It also sells generic pesticides sourced from renowned suppliers. Quality is our motto.  We offer very competitive prices to our customers.  Our core purpose is to contribute to the success of the customer through competitively priced agricultural inputs.

Windmill Crop Chemical Division sells these products: herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, acaricides, adjuvants.

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