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Persecuted by police for ‘ugly’ signature

She wouldn’t listen and went on to demand US$20 spot fine. I didn’t have the fine on me so I asked a colleague to drive some 10km out of Kadoma to bring me the cash so I could pay and carry on with my journey. I waited a good 20 minutes before I could get the cash but I finally did.

I then approached the officer and paid my fine. She asked me to sign the admission-of-guilt form, which I did. Unbeknown to me was the fact that she didn’t like my signature on the form. She advised me that I had scribbled in her book and therefore she would not give me the issued ticket.

I told her my company would need the ticket as proof of payment but she wouldn’t listen. She advised me to pay yet another US$20 so that  she could issue a new  ticket where I would sign properly this time round. I told her I wasn’t up for jokes as I was way too far behind with my time. She then said I was under arrest and that she was going to take me to Morris Depot.

I asked what offence I had committed to which she responded by pointing at my signature. I realised at that moment the officer was up to no good so I drove off to call my head office in Harare from Kadoma town. Head office asked me to tell the police officers to go ahead and charge me and we would meet in court.

I drove back and I advised sergeant Dube that if she withheld  my ticket I would contest her action through my head office. Only then did she refer me to her supervisor who went on to say that my signature was so bad it had ruined a government book.

He said and I quote “Signature yenyu yakanganisa book reHurumende” .

I then asked him whether he had any moral, legal or otherwise standing to refer to my signature as too ugly or too big. By this time I had waited a good one hour just to get my ticket. So what was left was for me to be taken to Morris Depot for an affidavit to confirm that my signature was too big/ugly and that the auditors would not worry Sergeant Dube.

Is Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri aware that this is happening under his nose? I would also like to know from the co-ministers of Home Affairs whether  this is how  the police  force should treat motorists on the highway. On which Zimbwabwean roads shall we drive without being persecuted for ugly signatures? Where can we be taught to sign our names in a way that is pleasing to the police?

Perhaps an early election will put this abuse, corruption and greed to rest.

Shanduko Pavote,The Midlands.

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