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About the Buy Zimbabwe insignia

It is synonymous with quality, local content, fair labour practices and environmental awareness.
There is one version of the Buy Zimbabwe insignia.
The signature is the chief brand mark representing Buy Zimbabwe and its partners. This version shall be used at all times.

The Buy Zimbabwe seal

Key features
The Buy Zimbabwe medallion
The gold-beaked African fish eagle
The multi-coloured ribbon
The chevron

The Buy Zimbabwe medallion
The Buy Zimbabwe medallion is the highest honour given to any local product, awarded for upholding high standards of quality, using local raw materials, upholding fair labour practices and upholding environmental awareness.
It is given to a deserving local product that distinguishes itself in the marketplace by providing unparalled service to the consumer.

The gold-beaked African fish eagle
The proud fish eagle represents “not allowing the illusion of limitation to ground us in all our endeavors”.
Zimbabwean brands are coming from a background of a harsh economic environment but we acknowledge that there are some that have stood the taste of time and continue to excel both on the local and global market and have become the flagship of Zimbabwean brands.
The gold beak on the fish eagle encourages Zimbabweans to “put their money where their mouth is…” The beak is a call to action.
The fish eagle, which is a skilled hunter, teaches us to go about gaining our needs in ways that are most efficient. The lesson is to work smarter, not harder.

The multi-coloured ribbon
The ribbon has been widely used globally as a symbol for awareness with different colours used to represent a particular campaign. The multi-coloured ribbon on the Buy Zimbabwe seal represents Buy Zimbabwe’s efforts to raise awareness and the profile of the process of buying local and the wide range of quality local products and services that are available in Zimbabwe.
The multiple colours on the ribbon are adopted from the Zimbabwe national flag which is a symbol of pride, wealth, natural resources, harmony and the diversity of culture that lies in the country.

The chevron
The engraved chevron is a distinguishing mark that signifies status/merit and protection in many world cultures. The chevron is also a strong symbol of Zimbabwean architecture elaborately incorporated into the designs of the walls of Great Zimbabwe’s Great Enclosure. These walls protected some 18 000 people in its heyday in 15th century AD. For modern Zimbabwe, the chevron has become a symbol of heritage, culture and vision.

The Buy Zimbabwe insignia colours are a distinctive array of black, yellow, red, green and gold and will establish the brand in the marketplace. These become “our” colours, “our” unique look, and “our” identity. Colours play a critical role in the branding process and these colours represent the characteristics of Buy Zimbabwe.
Together with the medallion, they create a remarkable icon that fortifies the brand equity and builds awareness about the brand.

Guidelines on use
Proper application of the Buy Zimbabwe Insignia establishes a consistent look and protects brand integrity. The insignia must be incorporated into all publications. The signature and its parts must never be distorted, altered, redrawn or modified in any way.

The signature should always be surrounded by enough white space so that it stands sufficiently apart from other items on the page.
If the organisation name is listed, it should be spelled out as “Buy Zimbabwe”.
When utilising the insignia, it is required that a proof be provided to Buy Zimbabwe for approval prior to reproducing the insignia on any materials.
For accurate standards and colour representation, refer to the current edition of the colour formula guide below.

Colour palette
Proper application of the Buy Zimbabwe insignia establishes a consistent look for materials and protects brand integrity. While colour matching systems vary depending on the method used to reproduce printed image, colour reproduction should match these colours as closely as possible.

C – 0; M – 0; Y – 0; K – 100
R – 31; G – 26; B – 23

C – 0; M – 100; Y – 100; K – 0
R – 218; G – 37; B – 29

C – 80; M – 0; Y – 100; K – 0
R – 0; G – 161; B – 58

C – 0; M – 10; Y – 100; K – 0
R – 252; G – 219; B – 0

C – 13; M – 11; Y – 80; K – 0
R – 208; G – 203; B – 82

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