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Irvine’s Zimbabwe geared to meet growing poultry demand

The Irvine’s brand has become a household name through production of superior quality chicken and eggs. Irvine’s reputation spreads beyond borders, having established export markets in the region with increased demand as a result of superior quality.

Up-to-date machinery, internationally approved facilities and experienced qualified technical staff ensure Irvine’s resolve to maintain the status as the market leaders in the poultry industry.

Irvine’s Zimbabwe are geared to meet the growing demand for poultry products through expansion.  Irvine’s Zimbabwe produce and sell an average of 600 000 chicks per week.  
The day-old chick distribution network has been revamped and  the world renowned Cobb broiler from Irvine’s is now available in all parts of the country.  Irvine’s are targeting development of small to medium-scale farmers particularly in rural areas and training programmes have been put in place free of charge to equip farmers with the knowledge on how to raise chickens.

The Irvine’s Zimbabwe rural development training programmes have been well-received and has empowered small- scale farmers to produce poultry, not only improving nutrition but also providing family income.

The Irvine’s plant has the capacity to process 200 000 birds per week. About 70% of these birds come from Irvine’s contract growers.

The Irvine’s Zimbabwe contract grower scheme has brought a number of medium and large farmers into the poultry rearing business.  The recruitment of contract growers has aided in meeting consumer demand of chicken and also contributed to economic growth and employment creation.

The Irvine’s Zimbabwe processing plant achieved a milestone in the Zimbabwean food industry by being the first chicken processing plant in Zimbabwe to be certified by Sabs to ISO 22000.  This means that product from the Irvine’s Zimbabwe processing plant meets the highest international standards and endorses our chicken products as being of the highest standard and quality that customers have been accustomed to over the past five decades.

The plant will be continuously upgraded in line with technology and consumer preferences.

Chicken processing plant  — breeder chicken house
Egg grading plant — day-old chicks on grading conveyor

The Irvine’s egg plant is also gearing for ISO certification which is targeted to take place during the course of 2012.  Irvine’s Zimbabwe produce 3,85 million eggs per week providing a cheap source of protein.  95% of the table eggs produced are sold and consumed within the boundaries of Zimbabwe.

Corporate social responsibility

Charity begins at home.  Irvine’s provides good quality housing for staff, with 16 dwelling houses for management and 352 five-roomed worker houses with power, water-borne sewerage and water reticulation.

In addition Irvine’s has two modern clinics, each run by a  state registered nurse.  Both clinics are visited by a company doctor twice per week.  The clinics benefit employees and their families.  Furthermore, Irvine’s also provides education for employees and other people in surrounding areas.
Derbyshire School has 548 pupils while Ardno School has 280 pupils – both schools compete in the annual Best School Competition in terms of amenities and facilities and are regularly marked in the top five primary schools in Mashonaland East province.  The Irvine’s Community Hall is popular as a weekend venue for the woman’s club activities and viewing TV.

It also hosts the Breeder Farm Pre-School feeding and support group and is used as a venue for HIV and Aids awareness activities supported through the clinics and the Aids taskforce working groups for the province.  Irvine’s sponsors two men’s football teams and two women’s netball teams which enjoy support from the workforce as a whole at weekend games at home and away.

Students in class at Derbyshire school Dr Simoyi attends to patient at Derbyshire clinic.

Irvine’s also assist the less privileged members of the society through weekly/monthly donations of chicken and eggs.  Some of the beneficiaries  include, Jairos Jiri Waterfalls,  Emerald Hill Children’s home, Harare Senior Citizens Club,  New Hope Ministries, St Joseph House and Waterfalls Trust.

Irvine’s contribution goes beyond chicken and egg donations.  Disadvantaged members of the community have received assistance in establishing their own chicken projects in form of day old chicks, poultry equipment, vaccines and technical advice.  Irvine’s worked with Chipo Pearson, based in Dzivarasekwa.  Pearson is blind and Irvine’s have donated broilers chicks to her and trained her on broiler management.  John Jemwa from Chitungwiza also runs a successful broiler project despite his blindness.  Irvine’s also donate chicks for broiler projects to St Joseph House of Boys in Belvedere and provides technical service support as well.

Irvine’s sponsor the award for the Best Student in Poultry Production for every graduation ceremony at Africa University, Gwebi College of Agriculture and Kushinga Phikelela College of Agriculture.

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