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Know more about Buy Zimbabwe

Vision — An embodiment of Zimbabwe’s trusted and celebrated products and services locally and internationally.

Goal — Be an iconic pillar for trusted and celebrated products and services.

Mission — l Deliver confidence in the local and international market
Bestow a badge of honour on organisations that meet set criteria
Develop processes and programmes that ensure sustainability.
Communicate the essence of the Buy Zimbabwe insignia
Embark on outreaches that supports the Buy Zimbabwe vision.

Self belief
Quality conscious

Buy Zimbabwe – unleash the power within

To unlock wealth, jobs and pride within Zimbabweans by promoting local companies’ products and services.

The Buy Zimbabwe matrix
The buy Zimbabwe partnership
Organisations, Institutions and Individuals are all eligible
Partnership categories

There are three partnership categories:
1. Business partner
Certified partnership
Associate partnership
SME partnership
National and local government

2. Civic partner
Churches and religious groups
Civic society
Academic institutions

3. Individual partner

Business partner eligibility criteria:
1. Registered in Zimbabwe
2. Local content:
Product content to be in line with Zimbabwe’s rules of origin acceptable by Comesa/Sadc.
At least 10% local content
3. Product/Service  to be certified by relevant  certification board or licensing Authority  eg Saz, Sabs, Potraz, RBZ
4. Institutions should have environmental management policies.
5. Institutions should adhere to labour practices under Zimbabwean law.

Partnership key benefits
The use of the Buy Zimbabwe Insignia which is a recognised endorsement of competiveness. Partners benefit from Buy Zimbabwe’s marketing strategies and activities that encourage the purchasing/procurement of partnering products and services.
Through dedicated linkage programmes, partners enjoy frequent business and networking opportunities with other partners, other businesses and strategic stakeholders.
Access to the campaign’s communication platforms such as the Electronic newsletter, Buy Zimbabwe magazine and product booklet and the online Buy Zimbabwe portal.
Buy Zimbabwe offer’s policy support to its partners through lobbing and the engagement of relevance stakeholders.

Key issues:
Instill confidence in competitive products and processes (competitiveness)
Push for increased local purchases (consumption)
Stimulate economic growth
Create opportunities for wealth creation and employment for example synergies with My Own Boss
Foster competitive reward systems for example Loyalty Card
Celebrate partners and consumers for example Buy Zimbabwe Awards.

The competitive edge for Buy Zimbabwe is built through linkages with: CZI, MAZ, SAZ, ZNCC, Potraz, Baz Necf, Zimtrade, ZTA, Government, Raz and CCZ
The Buy Zimbabwe team — Partnering companies/businesses
The following brands are Buy Zimbabwe Partners:
National Foods
Turnall Fibre Cement
Zesa Enterprises
Beta Bricks
Willowvale Mazda Motor Industries.

Grace Muradzikwa        
Oswell Binha                                    
Mike Ndudzo                
Rosemary Siyachitema                        
Eve Gadzikwa                                  
Casper Chibanga                            
Zack Wazara                                    
Tov Manene                                    
Norman Chakanetsa                             
Ranga Mlambo                                  l
Munyaradzi Hwengwere                   
ZNCC president
IDC general manager
CCZ executive director
Saz director-general
CBZ director Corporate Banking
Spiritage CEO
Marketers’ Association of Zimbabwe       
Industry and commerce ministry
Financial consultant
General manager

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