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National Foods products readily available

The company has the capacity to meet local demand for products such as its Red Seal roller meal, Pearlenta super-refined mealie-meal, Gloria flour, Red Seal flour and a host of other local food products.

When doubts were raised in local newspapers about the ability of local producers to meet demand following the restoration of duty on imported maize meal and other products, National Foods declared it was able to supply all the nation’s maize meal requirements should that be necessary and do so while keeping the price affordable.

Last December, National Foods increased production of both the Gloria and Red Seal brands of flour by reopening its flour mill in Bulawayo.

It has also increased the number of depots it has around the country, opening one in Beitbridge last December and two more this month – one in Shamva on April 2 and another one in Chivhu on April 10.

The opening of the Beitbridge depot is particularly relevant to the Buy Zimbabwe campaign as prior to its opening many shops and residents in Beitbridge were purchasing goods imported from South Africa, given the town’s proximity to South Africa and the long distance that had to be travelled to purchase National Foods products from the company’s depot in Bulawayo.

Opening that depot has given a boost to the sale of local products in the town, since many more local products are now available there at competitive prices.

The Shamva depot is the first bulk purchasing outlet in the area. Previously traders had to travel to Harare to purchase products from National Foods.

The Chivhu depot was likewise opened to give general dealers, small traders and farmers who buy in bulk easy access to National Foods products. Prior to the opening of the depot retailers and traders had to travel to Harare, Masvingo or Mutare to purchase the company’s products at affordable prices.

The ready access that general dealers and traders in these areas now have to National Foods products enables them to sell these products at cheaper prices to the general public, since they no longer have to factor into their prices the cost of transporting them over long distances.

Altogether there are 26 National Foods depots in various parts of the country, the depots have a dual purpose. In addition to selling products, it uses the depots as collection points for raw materials such as grain and soya beans used in its production processes.

The reopening of the Bulawayo flour mill not only complements the milling that already takes place in Harare, where the flour mill continues to operate at full capacity, but brings flour production close to the Bulawayo market. Both milling and packaging take place at the Bulawayo mill.

About two months before the reopening of the Bulawayo flour mill, National Foods opened a new rice packaging plant in Mutare.

National Foods is one of the country’s largest manufacturers and marketers of food products. Listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, it is best known for its Red Seal products, Gloria flour and NF stockfeeds.

All its products are of a high quality and comparable to the best available internationally.

Red Seal roller meal is a high quality traditional brand of maize meal renowned for its high nutritional value, which is derived from its high fibre content. It is affordable and available nationwide. All milling and manufacturing for this brand as well as Red Seal Pearlenta is done locally.

Gloria flour is the nation’s favourite flour. Many housewives will not use any other brand. Red Seal flour is one of the most popular brands of flour in Bulawayo. Both have a long history stretching back to early last century.

National Foods has stockfeeds for every type of animal, even wild animals being looked after in captivity. If there is an animal it does not already have a stockfeed for, it can develop one for it.

As a Zimbabwean producer that mills grain to produce Zimbabwe’s staple food, maize meal, and mills the flour that is essential for bread and other foodstuffs, National Foods is a passionate supporter of the Buy Zimbabwe campaign.

National Foods is a Zimbabwean company with a long history of providing top-quality locally produced foodstuffs for the nation’s people and animals.

Issued on behalf of National Foods by MHPR Public Relations Consultants, 59 Van Praagh Ave, Milton Park, Harare. Tel 251538-40, 252705, 2928036/7.
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