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Define elegance — the new Nissan Murano!

Nissan Murano is our sophisticated crossover – multi-talented and taking change in its stride. So when the unexpected arrives, you’re more than ready.
Inspired by alternative thinking, Nissan Murano represents a landmark in vehicle evolution, incorporating elegant styling with cutting edge technology, and safety, aesthetic and performance features that enhance your driving experience beyond all expectations.
So welcome to the new Nissan Murano: the next milestone in auto-engineering.

Sleek, bold, striking
The Nissan Murano is sleek yet substantial thanks to a blend of sweeping broad surfaces and muscular curves.
From the advanced projector headlamp and prominent chrome grille to the sculptured taillights, you can trace the bold strong line that gives Murano its grace and elegance.  Large 18″ alloy wheels pushed out at each corner give it a strong stable stance and its body flows tightly around wheel arches, giving a clear hint at the gripping drive that awaits you.

Powerful illumination
Each projector headlamp provides powerful, penetrating illumination and a large lit area using a single reflector and high efficiency Bi-Xenon technology. The taillights wrapped around Nissan Murano’s sides and rear are not merely for effect: the high efficiency LEDs make them brilliantly visible even from afar.

Interior Design

Luxurious interior
Unlock the door and you’re welcomed into the warm glow of the Nissan Murano’s luxurious interior. A fresh approach to design has created an extremely comfortable interior. Black leather trim combines with metal to give the cabin an elegant contemporary atmosphere.    
Versatility at your fingertips
The Nissan Murano transforms from opulent lounge to practical load carrier in seconds and with minimum effort, so there is no more struggling even when your hands are full.
One touch opens or closes the tailgate automatically, either on the key or the switch by the driver’s seat.  An anti-pinch safeguard ensures fingers don’t get trapped or luggage squashed. At the touch of a single button the rear seats are automatically raised.    


Dynamic sporty performance
Combining the high driving position of an SUV with the agility and stability of a sedan, the Nissan Murano delivers beyond expectations on its multi-purpose capabilities. The intelligent grip of All M, 4×4-i and the verve-inducing power of our 3,5 V6 engine, as used in our legendary 350Z sports car, generates an exhilarating sense of confidence as you cruise through the city streets.
The Nissan Murano is firmly controllable in all situations. The power steering is light to the fingertips when parking and firms up as you accelerate. The Nissan Murano also adapts to where and how you drive. Speed sensitive steering takes the effort out of tight bends, and a new suspension reduces body roll and makes even harsh surfaces feel like plain sailing.
The new Xtronic CVT delivers acceleration as a smooth, seamless surge. The brake pedal becomes progressively firmer at higher speeds, which means you can fully immerse yourself in the exhilarating drive and still feel relaxed and in control.
All-Mode 4×4-i is what you need in difficult situations. It senses each wheel’s grip on the road, and sends the appropriate amount of torque to that wheel ensuring that where you direct the steering wheel is exactly where you’ll go.    


Always in control — All Mode 4×4-i
All Mode 4×4-i is a major technological innovation which effectively distributes the appropriate amount of torque to each wheel to provide optimum handling.

Vehicle Dynamic Control
Slippery corners hold no fear with Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC). Integrated with 4-wheel drive, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and sensors that are in touch with all of the Nissan Murano’s vital functions, VDC ensures that your input at the steering wheel is matched by what happens on the road.    

Features, Advantages and Benefits.

Feature    Specific detail & advantage    Benefit

Power    191 kw @6,000 rpm.    Class leading power-you can cruise with ease.

Torque    336 Nm @ 4,400 rpm.    You can pull a boat or trailer very easily without compromising the power of the vehicle.

Engine    3.5 V6 petrol.    It’s got an efficient legendary motor of the 350Z sports car.

Its got SUV and sedan capabilities-hence utility speed and comfort.

Drive train    Intelligent X-tronic CVT 4 x4 _i
The Murano comes with an intelligent 4 by 4 system hence creating convenience-it senses difficult road conditions and adjusts on its own the drive train.

The X-tronic CVT enables one to switch between manual & automatic.

High Efficiency Bi Xenon head lamps

Advanced projector Bi Xenon head lamps & Sculptured tail lights.    Gives Murano grace and elegance.

Provides powerful and penetrating illumination.

Alloy wheels    18 inch alloy wheels.    Gives the Murano a strong and stable feel.

Interior    Aluminum, leather and chrome interior.

High grade Leather seats.    Gives the Murano contemporary luxury and comfort.

Keyless Entry    Key less entry and push button ignition.    Convenience and elegance.

Boot    Touch button mechanism for opening the rear boot.

Elegance and convenience.
Audio system    Advanced Voice recognition audio system.

You can control the radio by speaking.

6CD in dash.

MP3 compatible.

Integrated hands free system for you phone

Blue tooth.
Drive computer    Multiple function drive computer that depicts fuel range, average speed, fuel consumption and outside temperature.
Makes the Murano a user friendly car.
Safety    Vehicle dynamic control-assist in responsiveness and dynamism.

Brake Assist,EBD,ABS.

Advanced air bag system-driver passenger, roof, and side.

7 monitor Reverse camera.
Assists  with stability when cornering at high speeds

Avoid skidding on sudden braking

Helps with parking

Carpet seats

Bonnet guard

Tow bar

Head lamp protector

Window visor

Boot carpet

Competitive pricing    US$81,000    Value for money.

Nissan says no to diesel, yes to EVs in the US
AS most carmakers are heavily investing in diesel technology, Nissan is holding its ground with its plug-in electrics. Having sold nearly
10 000 of its battery-powered Leafs in 2011, Nissan is confident that electric is the way to go, with plans to sell twice as many cars in 2012 and surpass the 60 000 vehicle mark by 2013.
It is a strange move by Nissan as the US car buyers are shifting at an ever increasing rate towards modern clean diesels and nearly half of all cars sold in Europe are diesels. It is interesting to see whether they will succeed in their plans, however, Renault is expanding its electric car programme and is launching several electric models while not neglecting diesels and their development.
As partners, they should combine their expertise in the fields of electric and diesel power and create a proper diesel-electric hybrid which could be a truly efficient vehicle.

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