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Degrees not an issue in leadership

Not so long ago, he reportedly criticised the leader of MDC-T,Morgan Tsvangirai. He is at it again; allegedly discussing the replacement of Tsvangirai with an “educated” leader. What educated leader does Madhuku have in mind?

Zimbabweans do not need an educated leader for the sake of having one. Zimbabweans have been behind  Tsvangirai for many years now and they have not found cause to replace him. We have already been ruled by a highly educated person for over 30 years yet we have very little to show for it.

Rhodesia, a relatively developed country, was ruled by averagely-to-lowly educated white politicians who left a prosperous country to be inherited by our black brothers and sisters with chains of degrees. Rhodesia had been developing in leaps and bounds up to 1980, led by Ian Smith, who held no university degree. Sir  Roy Welensky, leader of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, had a mere Standard Three,  and had been  employed as a railway engine driver before  presiding  over a very successful federal government.

Good leadership of any country does not require university education. In all honesty, I do not believe that, as things stand in the country today, Zimbabweans are prepared for another highly educated politician to lead them.

If what we read in the press about Madhuku is correct, the man is worse than Professor Jonathan Moyo, another highly educated but utterly confused individual who thinks the world of himself.

If Madhuku thinks so highly of himself, he should be man enough and form his own political party to rival those led by those he thinks to be lowly educated. My advice to Madhuku is to leave Tsvangirai and his party alone.

KF Mhlanga, Masvingo.

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