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Nothing traditional about kongonya dancing

No woman, in her right mind, should perform such a suggestive dance in front of leering, total strangers. This dance is another glaring example of our political leaders taking our women folk as mere vassals to be used for the pleasure of their inflated egos.

Male supporters of political parties should not allow their wives and daughters to be used this way and women’s rights organisations should fight against this form of sexual abuse. I wonder what President Robert Mugabe would think of his wife, Grace Mugabe, if she was to be seen performing kongonya at a political rally.

I am male but I feel sorry to see our women used as circus animals in a chain formation wriggling their fat butts for the pleasure of drooling  dirty-minded old men.

There is nothing cultural about kongonya and it must be discouraged by the women themselves. Even if it were to be declared cultural by some misguided scholars, it is time such culture was abandoned. After all, culture is dynamic; it should be allowed to change to suit modern life.

KF Dube, Masvingo.

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