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Maneta removes top for Roki’s massage

In an incident that set tongues wagging, the musician applied a hearty body work, replete with what appeared to be baby oil. Roki, who had earlier expressed his admiration for the big-breasted beauty, gently touched Maneta, who removed her top for him.

Zambian representative Mampi maintained an unwelcome presence until she left the two to feel each other. It remains to be seen if the two will take their relationship to another level.

Meanwhile, Nigerian representatives in Big Brother Stargame’s Downville house, Ola and Chris, on Friday quit the reality show due to the former’s health problems.

They volunteered to leave the house barely two weeks since the show began. Ola broke the news to Biggie during their Diary Room Session that they had to leave the competition voluntarily because he has high blood pressure and so he needs to seek medical attention outside the house.

Biggie was in shock on learning the news, at least by the sound of his voice, but he said to them that he respected their decision and that it was important for Ola to get medical attention. Biggie however told them that he was going to miss them because they were very funny housemates.

Both later broke the news to fellow housemates as instructed by Biggie. the sad news was not taken so lightly as most female housemates shed tears.


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