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Winds of change blowing into Zim

The state media was upbeat on Tuesday saying that Zimbabwe was not on the Sadc agenda only to turn around the next day and report that Zimbabwe would be on the agenda of an earlier Troika meeting.

These events are tell-tale signs that all is not well for Zanu PF despite spirited attempts by the State media in trying to prop-up the end-of-the-day party.
Zanu PF should now realise that its days of bulldozing its way around are over.  The winds of change, like in the rest of Africa, are coming to Zimbabwe and the days are numbered for  the Zanu PF dictatorship.

Sadc should be commended for its full commitment in tackling the Zimbabwe issue head-on and should not be misled by Zanu PF.

Like every country in Africa and across the world, the people of Zimbabwe are tired of Zanu PF’s misrule of the country, the abuse of innocent citizens and the continued looting of the country’s resources by senior Zanu PF officials and security agents.

This must definitely come to an end with the help of the Sadc leadership which has shown a commitment to end our years of misery.

Zanu PF and the State media should be hiding in shame that Sadc has shown its muscle and will not budge to any form of intimidation.

Public-media journalists should also stop being misled by the Zanu PF officials who are trying in vain to save the party from disintegrating. They should know that they have a life to live after the demise of Zanu PF.  It is sad that some reporters are following Zanu PF to the grave and last  week foolishly claimed Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was attempting to gatecrash at the Sadc summit in Angola.

Before being misled by Zanu PF, the State media should have noted the first-class treatment that Tsvangirai received in China last week.  It was a sign that China, like other progressive and democratic countries, was now focusing on the future and not on Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF.

Agrippa Zvomuya, Harare.

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