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Mugabe anointed Moyo chief spin doctor

“Mugabe might have realised that in some cases, his formal lieutenants, formally tasked to be party mouthpieces, usually misfire. “The wily professor’s task is to do that dirty job, then when there are questions regarding that, the formal structures pick up the pieces,” he said, citing Moyo’s undiplomatic attack on Zuma, which Zanu PF distanced itself from.

As The Standard revealed two years ago, Moyo is increasingly working with the military in managing a likely transition and is involved in behind-the-scenes manoeuvring, in managing the succession issue.

“Working with these people (security chiefs) is not a crime, they form the nationalist critical core of our country and some of us deploy our talents and services in defence of the national interests,” Moyo said at the time.

A source described Moyo as confused, saying his only motivation was being close to the seat of power. “He is dying to be part of the future and has a hangover of power. He tasted it once (as Minister of Information and Publicity) and he does not want to lose out again,” the source explained.

The source said most of Moyo’s projects had failed, among them, the Constitution Commission of 2000, an abortive attempt to form a party, the United People’s Movement, and the Gukurahundi Bill, which he wanted put before Parliament, as well as the bid to oust the Speaker of Parliament, Lovemore Moyo.

Political analyst, Effie Ncube, said Moyo was too angry to be of any use to Zimbabweans and was irrelevant to the future aspirations of the country.
“His inner anger comes from that he has failed in most of his endeavours, including making Zimbabwe a one-party state and shutting down free press, and this has made him angry,” Ncube said.

Moyo was not answering his phone yesterday.

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