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Sulumani puts final touches on new album

Sulu’s public relations manager, Joe Nyamungoma, said all the groundwork for the album had been done and that fans should expect it on the market by the end of July.

“Most stages have been covered and the album is taking shape. We are only finalising some of the songs and we are confident we have put enough effort to give our fans an excellent product,” said Nyamungoma.

He said some of the songs on the upcoming album included Handitye Nyuchi, Ndoga, Njiva, Young Man and Sean Timba.
Speaking in a separate interview, Sulu said he would offer a new package to his fans.

“I am ready to give the new product to my fans and I am happy with the response that I get when I play some of the upcoming songs at my shows. I play most of the songs at all my shows so that fans can sample what we are preparing for them,” said Sulu.
The yet-to-be-named album will be recorded at Diamond Studios.

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