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The war Moyo is fighting and losing

They however warned Moyo would not succeed in his endeavours as he has made enemies within and outside the former ruling party and aligned himself with Mugabe who was in the twilight of his political career.

Moyo’s greatest stumbling block is Zanu PF itself, in which the sitting MPs and senators are decidedly against elections this year — even if they don’t say so openly — under any constitution despite loud calls for them by Moyo and President Robert Mugabe.

They said Moyo’s role in Zanu PF was unclear. Some said he might have been readmitted in the party to kill factionalism and manage the succession issue, but he has created enemies with some of the most powerful people in the party, particularly those fingered as faction leaders who he has said, lack ideology.

Alleged faction leaders are Defence minister Emmerson Mnanga-gwa and Vice-President Joice Mujuru. Moyo is said to be the front of the military faction in Zanu PF, which is threatening to thwart the ascendency to power of anyone who does not have a guerrilla-war background, even if he wins elections.

Moyo is using the state media to spit all sorts of venom at those who cross his path as he tries to defend Zanu PF and President Mugabe at all costs. But some analysts say although he seems to be fighting in Mugabe’s corner, he is actually fronting for the generals, whom he wishes to take over the reins after Mugabe, and therefore also safeguard his own political future.

This, he wants to achieve by all means necessary, including wrecking the constitution-making process, pulling Zanu PF out of the Global Political Agreement and encouraging a military takeover.

Last year he nearly caused a diplomatic spat between Zimbabwe and South Africa when he dismissed the Sadc-appointed facilitation team as an agent of the West, while questioning the suitability of President Jacob Zuma to resolve the crisis in the country.

Recently he described the constitution-making process as “mafia-led” and has led calls to hold early elections using the current Lancaster House constitution.


Moyo wants to create chaos


Nhlanhla Dube, MDC spokesman, described Moyo as someone who was driven by internal party dynamics and was looking for political accommodation. “Everyone has a right to hold an opinion, but it is the people who define the importance of that opinion,” Dube said.

Political analyst, Gift Mambipiri said Moyo fell out with Defence minister, Emmerson Mnangagwa’s faction, which he recently described as devoid of content.
He said the former University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer was now the civilian face of the securocrats, whose mission was to frustrate the GNU and stall any progress under the GPA.

“This is shown by his move to rock the boat in the constitution-making process by making fresh and unreasonable demands, as well as the call for early elections without reforms,” he said.

“The securocrats have no grassroots support unlike the Mnangagwa and Mujuru factions and that is why they want to create chaos so that they can justify intervention.”

Political commentator, Blessing Vava, said the military’s grant plan was to take over the leadership of Zanu PF and the country after Mugabe and ensure that their business interests are protected.

“The group is not popular, but it thrives on violence and fear and the recently held district coordinating Committee (DCC) polls can testify,” he said. Political scientist, Shakespeare Hamauswa, said most Zanu PF supporters and officials do not support Moyo because of his lack of respect for elders, which undermined the party’s leadership and also his inconsistency, which has seen him in and out of the former ruling party.

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