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Drumbeat:Get well soon, Tedious Matsito

Now, more than two years down the line, you lie in a hospital bed after having the leg amputated. Learning that the doctors had been left with no option but to knife the leg was a sad reminder of our 2009 encounter.

It is obvious that you are experiencing so much pain but the wound will eventually heal and, like many other people in the country, you will have to do with an artificial one. It is a painful reality but this had to be the final decision to save you from endless pain that you suffered over the last few months.

It is my hope that in the not-so-distant future, you will get used to your new being and continue with your career. You suffered a similar fate when you were involved in that fateful accident that claimed your band members’ lives. Such is life. God saved you from that accident and, after recuperating to a level where you could spend considerable hours on stage, you continued with your career.

Your friends and well-wishers stood by you and Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust replaced your lost equipment while promoters chipped in with charity shows and gave you a platform to restart your career.

It is well-known that your career is no longer colourful but that has always been the way with the music profession. Although you lie there in pain, probably feeling hopeless, just try to remember how often you have heard that this or that musician had “bounced back with a bang” after years of fruitless toil in the music jungle or suffering a misfourtune. Your situation is not the end of the road.

I understand you feel abandoned because not many of your fellow musicians and promoters have come to assist in your current dilemma. It cannot be rosy all the time but it is a fact that you will sail through.

The work that you did with songs like Nyaradzo, Gede Mwana and Merenia made you a hero and the respect you have because of your unique touch should inspire you to be strong again and go for a powerful come-back when you get well.

Fans are still waiting for another hit from you. Josphat Somanje did it when, after recovering from illness, he released This Time that is popular for tracks Haulume and Maggie Mukaranga. Do you remember how Mitchell Jambo’s hand was deformed after being involved in an accident? As soon as he got well, he took his career across the Limpopo River and his combination with Jonah Moyo worked very well in its initial stages. With an artificial leg, the late Cephas Mashakada continued staging good shows until his death. Even urban grooves musician Alicious “Maskiri” Musimbe remains one of the best young rappers despite the disability he suffered after falling off the fourth floor of some building in the avenues area.

I recall how, most of the time we meet, you always narrate how the Mutoko accident haunts you. You thank God for being alive and show great hope of resuscitating your career and claim your lost fame.

Keep that spirit as you fight through this difficult time. Get well soon.

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