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Olga Kunonga fully behind Victor’s chosen career in music

The Kunongas have been married for nine years, having dated for three years before deciding to settle down  as husband and wife.

Olga has supported her husband since he decided to pursue music professionally and the fruits of his endeavours have come in abundance. On the other hand, Victor is fully behind his wife who runs a crèche at their Marlborough house.

The 37-year-old mother of two spoke to StandardLife&Style about her life with the jazz musician.

“One day in 2004, a year after we got married, Victor came home and told me he had decided to quit his job to pursue music because it was his passion and at that point the best I could do was to support him despite the uncertainty that surrounded us,” said Olga.

She said although their immediate family members supported and respected their decision, they faced challenges from other relatives and friends that did not see sense in the move and kept looking for mistakes in Victor’s first steps as a professional musician.

A lot of women that are married to public figures have in one or more instances been embarrassed after finding out  their husbands immorality or acts of mischief during their times away from family but Olga says she met Victor before he was a celebrity or musician thus she has learnt to trust him enough when he is away from home.

“I don’t see any women out there as threats and up to this day my trust has never been shaken.”

Olga said Victor had taught her to be down to earth and tolerant. She also attends her husband’s shows at least once a month and she totally loves his music and usually samples his albums before release for a few contributions.

She says her Christian values that were natured when she was still a young girl attending Jehovah’s Witnesses Church have played a major role in helping her maintain a strongly bonded family despite the exposure her husband gets because of his career.

She added that whenever they would be at home as a family there was never a celebrity aspect in her husband but a father and husband who takes part in normal family errands.

“One day my son came from school and asked me what a celebrity was. He rated celebrities at the level of (the late) Michael Jackson. Someone from school had told him that his father was a celebrity. Now he understands what it means but I’m glad he also sees his father as very ordinary.”

The celebrity’s wife said her husband loved to eat traditional dishes like rice with peanut butter, dried vegetables and warthog meat. She said he loved ethnic colours, art and was a big fan of music by Thomas Mapfumo, Devera Ngwena Jazz Band and Bundu Boys.

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