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War veterans must shun Zanu PF abuse: Magwizi

Magwizi was responding to the former national secretary for projects of Zimbabwe Liberation War Veteran Association (ZLWVA), Andrew Ndlovu’s call for unity of all war veterans associations to form a coordinating committee which would look into the welfare of former freedom fighters.

“War veterans are vulnerable to political abuse,” said Magwizi.

“What Ndlovu is saying is good but must not be politically influenced. I told him it is good but we must not be aligned to any political party.”

For a long time, war veterans have been used to campaign for President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF during election time.

‘War vets’ welfare still pathetic’

Magwizi said the welfare of war veterans had not improved despite their immense contribution to the country’s liberation.

“It is true that the war veterans are no longer catered for properly by the national government,” said Magwizi.

“It is even worse with those who did not join the national army. War veterans’ welfare is currently hanging and needs to be revisited.”

In 1999, war veterans, led by Chenjerai Hunzvi, received Z$50 000 gratuities and monthly pensions from government.

Ndlovu said most of the promises made by the government to the war veterans during Hunzvi’s executive were not met.

Among the associations, are the ZLWVA, led by Jabulani Sibanda, Zimbabwe War Veterans Trust (ZWVT), Zipra Veteran Trust and the Liberators Platform.

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